Website Development

What is a Valued Web Development Company Worth to Your Business?

As we progress towards a more digitally based society, businesses worldwide understand the importance of establishing an online presence. Your company website is essentially the first impression individuals will make of your organization, so it’s essential that it looks as professional and attractive to your target audience as possible.

Your website is the face of your company. It gives users a first glimpse of what products or services you are offering. That said, a professional appearance and positive user experience will motive users to continue to explore your website, or hopefully give you a call, go to your store, purchase an item, or hire you for a service you offer. Our team at Pixel Bytes Media is always one steps ahead of the industry with state of the art technological advancement so we can offer unique and creative services that others are learning about.

If you run a company and don’t have a secure website, you are definitely missing out on many marketing and sales opportunities. The Internet is the most effective place to reach a broad targeted audience in today’s digital market. Whether you want to create and design a website for the first time, or redesign an existing website to generate more revenue, hiring Pixel Bytes Media will undoubtedly improve your website’s success and brand’s online presence.

Pixel Bytes Media offers assistance in all areas of design and development, from constructing a user-friendly web layout and design, navigation of pages and links, ease of use, and best practices and advanced techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our team of experts know exactly how to walk you through the process of creating or transforming your company website.

Web Development Consulting Benefits:

  • We will do a deep dive into your site’s layout and content for structure and compatible with updated systems and frameworks
  • We will audit your website, identifying areas of improvement and checking if your site is user-friendly
  • We will make sure your website adheres to the latest Search Engine Optimization trends and algorithms so that you can prevent a low Google search result ranking
  • Pixel Bytes Media will bring in new ideas and a fresh perspective on your industry and target market

Web Development Consulting Strategy:

  • We thoroughly research and understand your business and industry requirements
  • We work with our clients to design a layout and structure for your website that aligns with your company image
  • We help create relevant graphics
  • We evaluate user-friendliness and mobile compatibility
  • We test for navigation ease of use and web page speeds
  • We diagnose and show you how to fix usability issues
  • We point out common website mistakes, and where improvements will need to be made to rank high on Google search

Below are just some of Pixel Bytes Media’s Web Development Consulting Services:

  • WordPress Insights and Guidance
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Performance Auditing and Reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting
  • Keyword Research (Single and Longtail)
  • Google Analytics
  • Monitoring of HTML or Crawl Errors
  • Speed Optimization and Website Performance
  • Site Map Development and Structure
  • Content Strategy and Messaging
  • Wireframe Construction
  • Design Template Creation
  • Meta Description Tag and Page Title Strategy
  • Social Media Management

Pixel Bytes Media Produces Long-Term Results

A web development consultant is a professional who gives expert recommendations and suggestions for the design and development of your website. Designers and developers are often hired to actively help you maintain your online presence while staying up to date with new and improved web capabilities.

As part of the unique value-added services that we offer, website maintenance and audit services are considered a very important part of our offering. Creating a site and then not frequently updating it will undoubtedly hurt your ranking on Google’s search results.

Hiring a professional web development consulting firm like Pixel Bytes Media will oversee your site’s design and development through its entire creative process, and will help you minimize development issues, and maximize potential success, and save you time and money.

4 Ways Pixel Bytes Media Can Improve Your Business:

  • Hiring Pixel Byte Media can save you time and money — Hiring an expert gives you the benefit of working with a professional who knows the most advanced web development techniques to create a website quickly and efficiently.
  • Working with a Pixel Byte Media website development consultant will give you a competitive advantage — A professionally designed website by an expert web consultant will give your website visitors confidence in your products or services, and will also give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Pixel Byte Media will optimize your site for search engines — What good is a website if nobody on the Internet can find it? One of the most critical aspects of a website is where it ranks in search engine results. A professional website development consulting company that specializes in SEO and SEM digital marketing services will know how to optimize your site to be search engine friendly.
  • Having Pixel Bytes Media oversee your website’s creative process will help you increase traffic, leads, and sales — As your business changes, so should your website. Having an outdated website makes you look out of touch and could make you lose credibility. A professional web development consultant will be able to design your site in a way that speaks to the right audience and presents your business in the best light. We are not only able to make small businesses look like large, reliable companies, but we can also transform your established corporation from a small operation to a credible leader in your industry.

For a free consultation and an audit of your website and online presence, please call Pixel Bytes Media for your Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and Reviews Management needs. (Call 248-801-4477) or you can fill out our FREE Website Audit Form HERE.