Social Media Management

There’s no denying the fact that social networking has a prominent place in our modern culture. It’s no surprise that numerous businesses have been using social media to communicate with their current as well as potential customers. Combining the goals of Internet marketing with social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others is one of the most profitable online marketing strategies. Used correctly, these strategies can give you an effective platform for brand awareness, lead generation and increased sales. Pixel Bytes Media helps businesses create a virtual presence on social media platforms by uniquely crafting high-quality, targeted content and ad campaigns to engage your prospective clients and turn them into followers and customers.

Social Media Management Benefits:

  • Social media has become an important part of our life. As of January 2021, 225.61 million U.S. adults use at least one social media site, proving that these platforms offer a large potential customer reach
  • A well designed Social Media Marketing campaign dramatically increases customer engagement
  • Every blog post, image, video or comment you share on a social media platform is another opportunity for users to engage and react to your brand, which could result in a new client or a long-term consumer

Social Media Management Strategy:

  • Analyze your brand’s current social media marketing program and strategies
  • Perform a competitive analysis of the industry and your positioning
  • Determine your competitors approaches to content and social media strategies
  • Research consumer demographics and target audience data
  • Define your brand’s overall objectives and goals
  • Assign a social media manager to work with you
  • Create social media content specific to your brand’s values

Pixel Bytes Media will:

  • Work with your company to set measurable targeted goals
  • Build a social media strategy that achieves these goals, such as increased website traffic, increased sales revenue or increased brand awareness for your business
  • Manage content by creating a publishing schedule of your company’s posts
  • Respond to followers’ comments and messages within a reasonable time frame
  • Promote content by running highly-targeted advertisements across social media platforms to obtain a higher prospect reach and generate leads
  • Deliver a report to see if the social media marketing strategy is on track and determine ways to improve

Why Should You Hire a Social Media Management Company?

Social media has forever changed the way we do business marketing to consumers. Whether you are a small business owner or large retailer, your customers are constantly on social media. If you don’t communicate with consumers through one of the many platforms, your competitors will. That being said, at Pixel Bytes Media, our social media managers understand that it’s not always easy posting and maintaining your brand’s social media presence, especially with the wide variety of social platforms in today’s society. When you have a multitude of important tasks that you need address, posting on social media is pretty far down your to-do list.

Here are some of the social platforms the Pixel Bytes Media provides marketing services for:

  • Social Media Management Company for Facebook Ads and Campaigns
  • Social Media Management Company for Twitter
  • Social Media Management Company for Instagram
  • Social Media Management Company for LinkedIn
  • Social Media Management Company for Youtube
  • Social Media Management Company for Yelp & Google Review

Pixel Bytes Media develops a customized strategy for our customers specific needs to effectively reach customers By channeling the power of social media, we find the right target market to talk about you and your business. This fosters new relationships and cost-effective promotions for your brand.

Here are some of the other services we offer:

Audit of existing social media management strategies and practices

Customized strategy to generate leads Marketing campaign goals

Identified target audiences within defined geographies

Relevant, unique and compelling content

Daily social media account management

Cross-network promotion

Metrics and performance report analysis

Online Brand Identity Benefits:

In today’s cluttered media environment, a strong online identity ensures your company’s products or services stand out, giving you a competitive advantage over the competition

We will help you and your company create a powerful online identity that builds loyalty and trust among customers

Professional brand identity consulting will ultimately lower marketing expenses as we design and execute more organic marketing campaigns that come with less marketing costs


  • Conduct an audit of your existing brand
  • Determine how well your current messaging and marketing efforts represent your company
  • We will help determine brand purpose, values, and overall company objectives
  • Research competition and analyze how well your brand compares
  • Identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments
  • Clarify current and potential competitive advantages for brand differentiation

Brand Strategy Approach

Building a strong brand is an investment that will continue to pay off as your company continues to grow and evolve.

We first identify a company’s target audience, understanding their wants, needs, demographic and psychographic behaviors. This is essential for understanding what your brand should say to your target audience.

In the brand audit stage, we conduct a full assessment of the current positioning of your brand identity, identifying how it might be altered to better align with objectives moving forward. Conducting research through qualitative methods such as surveys or questionnaires, we can get an accurate and honest understanding of brand perceptions.

When developing a brand identity, it’s vital to represent the brand in such a way that it is unique and differentiated from your competition. To do this, we perform a critical analysis of various competitors in the industry, looking at how they are positioned in the market. Doing so can help find potential areas to differentiate your brand.

After we have collected a plethora of conceptual data, we move onto forming a creative visual framework of your brand. Using the information we gather, our team strategically selects visual elements that evoke the most influential emotional responses.

We then work with your company to best create design elements, logos, typography, layout to establish an order of content, graphics and icons, etc. that best represent your brand’s message.

Pixel Bytes Media knows just how to build a messaging campaign to present to the world in a way that not only arouses emotion but also encourages conversion. With mindful and attentive listening, we will help you produce a compelling, coherent message that will resonate with customers.

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