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Pixel Bytes Media has been helping companies craft their search engine marketing strategies for over a decade. Search engine marketing campaigns can help increase your website traffic and boost your company’s bottom line. We are a Search Engine Marketing Company in Metro Detroit that gets the job done right the first time, and crafts campaigns that will increase your return on investment with pay-per-click advertising.

Our PPC experts design and manage campaigns that will stand out and generate results quickly. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest ways to get your website URL on the first page of Google, and the SEM experts at Pixel Bytes Media will ensure you spend the least amount per click as possible while generating as many visits to your site as possible. We are truly the best at what we do!

Pixel Bytes Media is an experienced search engine marketing company in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. We help clients from all over the world with their pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and our PPC experts will help you drive qualified traffic to your website so you can sell more products or services.

Pixel Bytes Media is a professional Metro Detroit SEO consulting company that offers consulting services to clients from all over the country, helping them improve their search engine optimization strategies and increase traffic to their website. We not only understand your business’s analytics but also how to correctly apply them to make improvements where needed for maximum efficiency to your campaigns.

Google Ad Words – (Pay-Per-Click vs Pay-Per-Impression)

With search engine marketing and paid advertising, you normally pay for them using pay-per-click or pay-per-impression. When you pay per click, you pay a certain dollar amount anytime someone clicks on your ad, and it doesn’t matter how long the user stays on your site, whether or not they buy anything. When they click on the ad, it takes them to your website or social media page, you are paying for that click whether they leave the site immediately or stay on the site for a longer period of time.

With pay-per-impression, you pay a fee every time someone sees your ad. It doesn’t matter if they click on it or not; you pay every time someone sees it. Pay-per-impression costs less per impression than when you are paying per click.

Why is an SEM Strategy Important For Your Business?

Using a Search Engine Marketing Company can be a great option for almost any type of business and no matter what products are services you are selling. Here are a few reasons why companies should consider using search engine marketing to help grow their business:

  • Organic SEO Can Be Time Consuming – To rank high on the search engines without paying for advertising can be time-consuming, expensive, or both. To rank organically (naturally), you need to spend a lot of time (or hire someone to do so) developing unique content and also incorporate strategies while doing so that will help you rank high. This is no easy way to do it because it does take time, but the results can be incredible.
  • Organic SEO Takes Time – With organic SEO, even when performed properly, it can take time for you to rank high on the search engines, especially for new websites.
  • Competition – Competition is fierce! Even if you rank very high in search results, there are always ads above your organic ranking, and some people just click on the ads without scrolling down to see the organic natural listings. If you’ve done a good job with your organic messaging, and provided exactly what the prospect is looking for, most people will bypass the AD’s and click on the organic listings.

Why You Should Work With Pixel Bytes Media

Expertise – Our company has the expertise to get the job done right the first time. We already have proven methods for success in every area of business we specialize in.

Transparency – We keep you informed throughout the process, and we update you on a weekly basis on your SEM campaigns to report progress as well as next steps. We generate results, and you’ll see that in our weekly and monthly reports.

Goals, Branding, and Image – We work with you to understand your business, existing branding and goals to align with your overall strategy for the short and long-term.

The Process

An effective search engine optimization strategy can take a website from being nearly unknown to ranking on page one of Google. While no SEO specialist can guarantee the top spot on Google’s search results, the appropriate process combined with our expertise will provide great results accompanied by a true ROI picture. We would start by auditing your website, checking for navigation irregularities and overall structure, broken links, backlink acquisition, etc. After performing a discovery and fixing any potentially harmful errors, we start to apply improvements and recommendations for site structure, content, body copy, page titles, meta descriptions and links.

With years of experience helping companies improve their search engine optimization, Pixel Bytes Media knows just how to help your business find the right type of content for the right target market. We apply advanced keyword techniques to help you rank for those keywords and improve conversion rates by transforming site visitors into valued customers.

For a free consultation and an audit of your website and online presence, please call Pixel Bytes Media for your Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and Reviews Management needs. (Call 248-801-4477) or you can tell us about your project HERE.