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Email Marketing Management – There are many email platforms from which to send your emails out to your customers and prospective customers. The main two are Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, but we use others as needed for unique niche campaigns as well. We find that Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are preferred choices because they have more robust analytics and data to analyze the performance of each campaign.

Generally, you want to design your campaign for each platform. The reason for this is that many email browsers have filters that allow photos to be seen in their original format and size.

Thus, you don’t want to send out your email campaign to hundreds of people, only for those to receive a blank email that makes them “click here to see more.” Designing email content with images directly in a particular platform allows your audience to see the email how it was intended.

Email Marketing Benefits:

  • Engages your customers and is intended to build loyalty and brand awareness
  • Keeps your customers up to date with new and exciting news at your company, and promotes sales & product offerings
  • Email marketing campaigns are very low cost, yet has an extremely high return on investment

Email Marketing Strategy:

  • We evaluate your current Email Marketing program and make recommendations to improve it
  • We select email design, creation and distribution platform, and develop templates and campaigns
  • We Implement email campaigns, then track performance data
  • Repeat successful campaigns as frequently as possible to maximize ROI

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Essential for Your Digital Marketing Program

  • Email Connects Your Company to Your Customers and Keeps Them Informed, Increasing Exposure and Brand Awareness
  • Email Marketing Is One of The Best and Easiest Marketing Strategies for a Measurable Return on Investment
  • Email Marketing Is Effective and Inexpensive
  • Email is a Great Way to Connect with Mobile Customers
  • Email Keeps Your Company Current and Relevant
  • Email Highlights Products, Services, Promotions & Deals the Serve to Gain New Business Quickly, Both Online and Offline
  • Pixel Bytes Media Offers Analytics and Performance Metrics That Are Easy to Measure

Professional Email Marketing Campaign Features

Email marketing campaigns have numerous benefits. Email marketing companies will create campaigns that allow you to create and manage different email lists, create email leads from customers and prospects, send out different campaigns depending on the type of customers targeted, and integrate the email campaign with your other marketing efforts.

Pixel Bytes Media is an email marketing company based in Detroit, Michigan that creates dynamic email campaigns based on your individual company goals and needs. We will create easy-to-use email templates so you can easily edit and update your campaigns with just a few clicks of the mouse. Pixel Bytes Media will create reports after each campaign, allowing you to view all of the metrics including open rates, traffic generated, conversion rates and delivery status. These are all extremely important data points to be able to measure the success of your email marketing campaign, all of which is include as part of our email marketing campaign delivery. We are an email marketing company that believes in measurable results, and our email marketing team will make sure you are involved every step of the way!

Pixel Bytes Media will manage your email marketing campaigns from soup to nuts. We will work with you to create engaging email campaigns that will resonate with your target audience. Email Marketing Management.

If you really want to take your business to the next level and want to improve your email marketing strategy and sales efforts, look no further than Pixel Bytes Media. Our email marketing services group will develop a go-to market strategy that will catapult your company’s bottom line! (Call 248-801-4477) or you can tell us about your project HERE.