Why Use Email Marketing?

Pixel Bytes Media develops an extremely effective marketing strategy with a very high return on investment. We work with you to decide what your message is, what you are trying to market or sell, we design a template with compelling written or graphic content, and distribute it to your target market. Email marketing is typically a low-cost form of marketing once it’s set up.

Pixel Bytes Media Marketing Tools, Platforms & Strategies
There are many email platforms from which to send your emails out to your customers and prospective customers. The main two are Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, but we use others as needed for unique niche campaigns as well. We find that Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are preferred choices because they have more robust analytics and data to analyze the performance of each campaign.

Generally, you want to design your campaign for each platform. The reason for this is that many email browsers have filters that allow photos to be seen in their original format and size.
Thus, you don’t want to send out your email campaign to hundreds of people, only for those to receive a blank email that makes them “click here to see more.” Designing email content with images directly in a particular platform allows your audience to see the email how it was intended.

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