Digital Media Marketing

Pixel Bytes Media is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency that offers a number of different Digital Media Marketing Services. Listed below you will see a wide range of solutions that we offer our clients

SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM MARKETING – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Why Should I Use Landing Pages for Search Engine Optimization?

Landing page creation for search engine optimization is one of the best additions you can make to your company’s digital marketing program. Professional website landing pages can have profound benefits if executed properly.

Here are a few benefits you will receive from creating landing pages for SEO:

  • Compelling content can rank higher in search engine results for the keyword and phrases that you are targeting, attracting significantly better-quality visitors to your website
  • Landing pages are an opportunity to keep your audience informed of the products or services you provide
  • Landing pages are low in cost to produce and have an enormous return on investment
  • High-quality landing pages allow you to add additional services and rank for them on search engines
  • Landing pages will increase the amount of website traffic and conversions

When creating landing pages, we will produce content that is purposeful and inclusive of the keywords and phrases you are targeting using state-of-the-art SEO techniques to gain new, targeted traffic to your website. This will in turn lead to more conversions (people contacting you after visiting your web page).

The team at Pixel Bytes Media are experts at creating customized landing pages for your business. We guarantee results and will create landing pages that are unique with target-specific keywords to get your landing page (web page) on Page 1 of Google for the keywords targeted.

At Pixel Bytes Media, we target specific keywords and keywords phrases for each landing page we create, and these keywords and phrases are researched in advance to ensure the keywords we use are what your prospective customers are searching for on search engines for a business like yours.

Each landing page we create not only targets keywords that are specific to your industry but also targets the area, location, and/or city you are operating in. The primary goal for using Digital Media Marketing is to rank your business high enough where you appear on page 1 of Google’s organic ranking (Local Pack) for the product or service we are working to rank for.

Here are a few steps we take in creating a Dynamic Landing Page for SEO:

  • Ensure the written content we create represents your business and is well written in a way to rank you as high as possible in the search engines, preferably on page one of Google.
  • Include pictures, graphics, video, or other media on the landing page for SEO and user-friendliness.
  • Update meta information specific web pages, the website, and photos or video on each page.
  • Analyze and update the URL structure of your website to ensure it is compliant with SEO best practices for website ranking.
  • Include Internal and External Links throughout the entire website.
  • Submit your website with all pages to Google to help ensure the page is crawled as fast as possible so you appear high in the search results quickly.
  • Monitor and provide continual analysis of the page ranking to ensure your rank on page one of Google and stay there


Blogging Benefits:

  • Keeps your customers informed as to what’s happening within your business and within the industry.
  • Creates loyalty among your customers by consistently writing about topics and issues that they care about.
  • Supports SEO strategy by ranking you higher in search results for all targeted keywords
  • Drives more new visitors to your website and creates buzz

Blogging Strategy:

  • Review your blog and blog history, program, or routine
  • Review blog topics and keywords to ensure they are relative to your brand and audience
  • Incorporate your blogging strategy with other digital marketing strategies to make the most of your blogging efforts
  • Analyze and improve SEO techniques and strategies within your blog

Why Should Blogs Be Part of Our Overall Marketing Strategy?

Clearly, blogging should be a consistent and recurring part of your overall marketing strategy.

Business Blogging by Pixel Bytes Media

  • Pixel Bytes Media has written hundreds of blogs for dozens of companies, and we can help you get started on your blog project too! Our blogging services include:
  • Creating and Publishing Blogs for small to medium-sized business
  • Editing and Evaluating Blog Posts for SEO effectiveness
  • Evaluating and Improving Your Company’s Blogging Program and Strategy
  • Improving the Meta Information and Tags on Your Blogs and Web Pages
  • Incorporating your Blog Posts into Social Media Platforms, Newsletters, Landing Pages, and Other Digital Media to Get the Most Out of Each Blog Post

Press Release

Press Release Benefits:

  • A great way to announce new and exciting changes and events within your company to the general public
  • Acts as your voice of record within the media
  • Helps to maintain a transparent message
  • Increases online visibility to targeted prospects

Press Release Strategy:

  • Create topics of interest for press releases
  • Issue and distribute within target market or audience
  • Issue “newsworthy” press releases on a regular basis (Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly), or as needed

Experienced Professional Press Release Company

Pixel Bytes Media has years of experience helping Metro Detroit companies with their search engine optimization. There are a variety of ways we can help your company substantially increase your web traffic using Digital Media Marketing which will result in increased calls or emails to your business.

When choosing a professional press release company, know that we have some of the best press release writers that will spend significant time learning both about your company and the event or newsworthy item you are wanting to distribute and have published.

Our company will not only write a compelling press release, but will also optimize the headers, keywords and keyword phrases, add links to your site and social media channels, and target areas that will be most influential for your company depending on what type of product or service you offer.

Do you have questions about press releases? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and get you started on a path to successful branding and increased sales.

Social Media Platform Marketing

Here are a few benefits your company will realize by using Facebook:

More than 80% of all internet users are on Facebook, and most Facebook users check their account several times per day. Know where your customers are!

Facebook is low-cost advertising alternative. Unless you are running Facebook ads, it doesn’t cost anything to have a

Facebook account for your business to share and engage content.

Facebook helps with personalization and brand awareness. It keeps your customers and prospective customers up to date on what your company doing.

With regular posts and that are informative and engaging, having a presence on Facebook can help increase your website traffic.

Having a Facebook Business Page will boost brand loyalty and allow you to reach a targeted audience. Many people turn to Facebook almost as much as they turn to Google when searching for a company to do business with.

Whether your company sells products or services, whether your company is large or small, whether your company is local or international, having a presence on Facebook can certainly boost your bottom line and help you acquire and engage an active audience that is supportive of your industry and brand.

Pixel Bytes Media can help you with every aspect of your company’s Facebook account, including:

Facebook account set up


How Will Twitter Marketing Help My Business?

Pixel Bytes Media is a Twitter marketing company in the Metro Detroit are that can help with your Twitter marketing strategy and build a robust posting strategy! We will incorporate Twitter into your company’s existing Digital Media Marketing program to create a valuable social media platform for you to engage your target audience. We will create and/or optimize a unique and powerful presence on Twitter to attract new subscribers, increase communication, and drive more traffic to your website. Some of the tasks and activities include but not limited to:

  • Twitter account set up and brand development
  • User engagement with unique and interesting posts
  • Responsiveness to your customer inquiries and feedback
  • Twitter account management – (Posting regular scheduled content and replying to tweets)
  • Develop polls, promotions and deals with current subscriber base to attract new Twitter followers
  • Provide Twitter data and analytics monitoring


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network, with new professionals signing up at a record pace. Pixel Bytes Media is the leading LinkedIn Digital Marketing Agency in Metro Detroit. We’ve been developing brands for small and medium sized business owners on LinkedIn for over 10 years. Pixel Bytes Media knows exactly how to market your brand on LinkedIn in unique ways that attract ideal prospects, generate leads, and gain the respect of peers, while establishing your company as an expert in your field.

Pixel Bytes Media will follow the following process when completing a successful marketing strategy for your company’s LinkedIn profile:

  • Create and brand your company’s LinkedIn profile
  • Keep company connections current and continue to grow a targeted influential base
  • Send invitations and personal messages to connect with those in your network
  • Encourage employees to connect with company LinkedIn page, as well as like and share posts
  • Generate new leads
  • Create and publish valuable content
  • Develop and link rich media for your company page
  • Share interesting updates and news to attract industry professionals
  • Join LinkedIn Groups relevant to your business and interests
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Evaluate competitors’ strategies
  • Increase LinkedIn company page follower count
  • Promote business’s product and services with LinkedIn Ads
  • Post consistent status updates on a regular basis
  • Attract prospects, customers and referrals
  • Build a presence that generates profits and revenue
  • Create, measure, and optimize campaigns
  • Analyze LinkedIn metrics to identify profile strengths and weaknesses and report findings to management


Why Hire Pixel Bytes Media to Promote Your Business?

In today’s digital climate, achieving an online presence is essential for any businesses to succeed. In the present age, everyone seems to be much more interested in watching entertaining videos instead of taking the time to read lengthy articles or write-ups.

YouTube, while already widely established as a popular social media platform, actively continues to grow, now becoming more prevalent in the corporate world than ever before. We at Pixel Bytes Media provide exclusive YouTube promotional services for business both large and small and individuals looking to promote a product or service.

We have a team of photographers and videographers with many years of experience in both video production and video advertising. Pixel Bytes Media are experts at creating a wide range of videos relevant to your business’s objectives.

Below are just some of the videos our Chicago YouTube Marketing Company can produce:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Explainer and tutorial videos
  • Thought leader interviews
  • Project reviews
  • Case studies
  • Video blogs
  • Event videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Training videos
  • Presentation videos

Some of the YouTube marketing services that Pixel Bytes Media provides are:

  • YouTube Business Account Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization Best Practices for YouTube channel
  • High-Quality Video Production
  • Effective YouTube Video Optimization
  • Social and Digital Marketing Practices
  • Targeted YouTube Marketing Plan Creation
  • YouTube Analytics Reporting
  • YouTube Advertising Strategies

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