Epoxy Flooring Pros

EPOXY FLOORING PROS Epoxy Flooring Pros was skeptical about using a digital marketing agency until we showed them what we did for a similar business in another city and that started a great working relationship. It was important for Pixel Bytes Media to address very early on what the benefits were going to be, and […]

Cardinal Heating & Cooling

CARDINAL HEATING & COOLING Cardinal Heating and Cooling were in need of more leads, traffic, and more business into more cities and neighborhoods in the Metro Detroit area. With the Heating and Cooling industry being so competitive, we had to think outside the box and create a unique marketing proposition that most Heating and Cooling […]

Delta Home Cleaning

DELTA HOME CLEANING Delta Home Cleaning was on the brink of shutting its doors before they reached out to us to help them turn their business around. They were in a similar position as most house cleaning companies, and that is no online presence, no lead generation program, or exposure to new clients or prospects. […]